Supercharge Your Website

Picture2Supercharge your site can be included in any of our Monthly Web Maintenance Packages One Time Installation and Setup Fee Applies.

Make the Jump to Light Speed

To gain optimum performance and speed up your website you can also use image efficiency plugins but if you use number of images in your posts/articles. So if your websites is about designs, pictures, wallpapers, etc we recommend you to use image optimization plugins.

Why speed matters?

Your website page loading speed matters for four important reasons –

  • SEO – Although relevance is the primary SEO factor but website loading speed is also an important factor. Your website loading speed matters from SEO point of view.
  • User experience – Your website users are people and most of peoples are busy. Nobody waits for slow sites anymore, they just move on.
  • Google ranking – Google hate slow loading websites and hence slow loading websites have lower ranks in Google search results.
  • Safety of Site Information

About Cache for WordPress

If your hosting is not powerful or has put restrictions on your bandwidth then it will create some problems and reduces your website loading speed. Basically Caching is a process which generates a copy of your website and stores it on your hosting server as static files, visitors are served static pages rather than re-querying your database every time. WordPress Cache plugins update your database when new content is added to your website and also generate separate set of files which help to speed up your website pages. WordPress caching is the fastest way to improve website performance So if your website takes huge time to load, right now install one of the WordPress cache plugin from the list below. These plugins will help your website to load much faster.