Performance and Protection Package

Keeps your site operating at peak cyberfficiency, while defending against attacks and hackers 24/7

Three Realitiescomputerdr

  1. Cyber hacking is a real threat, not be be taken lightly or deemed as 'it wont happen to my site.' There are robots programmed to systematically routinely and repeatedly seek out passwords, break into protected sites, export sensitive data, overwhelm the server and ultimately cause the site to run slow or just shut down. They eventually find and invade any site connected to the world wide web.
  2. Just like your doctor can determine your health through a routine check-up, so too can a thorough website check-up reveal overall it's health and likely ability to withstand an attack. A well maintained strong website is far more likely to defend against an assault.
  3. We offer preventative measures to lessen the likelihood and boost immunity, unfortunately there is no there is no 100% absolute solution protecting a website. Our program has proven highly effective as a deterrent, but cannot be offered with a guaranty because hacker technology and resources are continually improving.


After the initial one-time setup and activation fee, there are no additional monthly upkeep charges for this service, which can be included with any of our monthly maintenance packages. The package consists of two separate specialty services which are listed as Supercharge Your Website plus Protection from Hackers and Cyber Attacks. The time will be applied to the monthly maintenance hours allotment on your plan, and typically a well maintained site should require than an hour per month.

Its like getting a scheduled monthly tune up and inspection. We can pro-actively detect and correct issues related to performance and vulnerability.  Your site is inspected for performance issues and tweaked as deemed necessary,  as well will monitor, identify and correct any perceived weak spots which can potentially be breached and become vulnerable to attack in the future.

It is recommended to install this package during at the time of site creation to achieve maximum benefits

What is Included

  • Scheduled Routine Site Inspection and Maintenance

  • Update, install and activate WordPress updates as new versions are released. (usually 3-4 times a year)

  • Update, install, activate and test all plug-ins and widgets to the most current versions as new versions are released. (monthly is not uncommon)

  • Permanently delete any plugins and themes that were not currently activated

  • Install, set up and activated CAPTCHA plug-in on all forms which prevents automatic submission of forms by robots.

  • Install, set up and activate Caching plug-in which will will not only supercharge the site for speed, but more important will make it more difficult for hacker to access cookies and site information.

  • Install, activate software limit the number of login attempts, thus render it impossible for a hacker or Bot to systematically crack passwords.

  • Scheduled monitoring and deletion of unsolicited site comments and robotic signups.
  • Install, monitor and maintain site performance utilities to increase speed, enhance privacy, and overall improve the user experience, also offers benefits and advantages for SEO ranking, Google listings, and overall sight safety.