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23 Reasons Why Artists Need a Professional Website a Brand is a Long Term Strategy

It’s about the music, but you must run your career like a business. Your web based marketing plan is the most valuable tool available to increase your fame and sell your brand. Period.

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Traits of Successful Musicians

Talent is Just the Beginning

While being talented is the most important factor in establishing yourself as a professional musician, it’ll only get you so far.

Making money doing what you love requires practice, dedication, networking, and some business savvy. Follow these tips to be as successful as you can be.

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Why You Need a Website

MySpace, Facebook, and Reverberation Nation are for Wannabees

Websites are For Pros

These days having a good website is more important than ever before – the key word is good! Without a website your customers and prospects may not take you seriously and you may not appear professional. From a marketing perspective an online presence is imperative as media moves from away from traditional forms such as newspaper, magazine, television, radio and some forms of direct marketing. Even your local hot dog stand probably has a website.

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20 Reasons Why Your Website is Your Window to the World

  1. Your website is the hub for all of your activities.

    Your website is the hub for all of your activities.

    You own your website. There is no fear of being deleted because you are being too “commercial” or violating any 3rd-party terms of service.

  2. You can claim your brand on the web and prevent others from taking your name.
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43 Things to Avoid on Your Website

The user must know what the site is about in seconds: attention is one the most valuable currencies on the Internet.

  1. If a visitor can not figure what your site is about in a couple of seconds, he will probably just go somewhere else. Your site must communicate why I should spend my time there, and FAST!

  2. Make the content scannable: this is the Internet, not a book, so forget large blocks of text. Probably I will be visiting your site while I work on other stuff so make sure that I can scan through the entire content. Bullet points, headers, subheaders, lists. Anything that will

    help the reader filter what he is looking for.

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Must Have for Every Artist Website

What Should The Website Include?

• Latest news
• Upcoming shows and events
• Blog: opinions, behind the scene stuff and social networks
• Merchandise: full online store
• Media: pictures, videos and other rich media content

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Artist’s Weekly To Do List

  1.     Meet or communicate with team members, such as your booking agent, manager, marketer, publicist etc.

  2.     Offer something new for your fans to either purchase or download for free.

  3.     Add a new video to your YouTube channel. This can be very informal.

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The Mind Set of Successful Musicians

1. Living a life in music is a privilege. Earn it.

There is very little more satisfying then spending time making music. If you make this your life’s work, then you can be truly joyful. However, the chances of being successful are extremely low and the only people who are going to get there are going to have to work hard and earn the right to be a musician. Respect the privilege of being free enough to have this choice (if you do) and honor the opportunity.

2. No one is in charge of your muse but you. Be happy and positive.

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Artist’s Montly To-Do List

Things to check as often as possible and fix whenever necessary:

  1.     Send a newsletter to your fans with your updated news and calendar, special offers, personal insights etc.

  2.     Be sure your online calendars are all up to date.

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Artist Daily To-Do List

As an independent artist or musician, you have a lot of responsibilities.

Besides being a performer and a recording artist, you are also a business owner in charge of booking, dealing with contracts, marketing, PR, inventory management and much more. To improve your chances of success in the industry, it helps to know that both you and your business are running on all cylinders. That means insuring that everything that needs to be done is getting done, and nothing is overlooked or forgotten. Here are three short checklists that might help in this process:

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Don’t Confuse Facebook with a Dedicated Website

Can a Facebook page replace a website?

Facebook offers Simplicity, without the benefits of a dedicated website.

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