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Get Ranked – Search Engine Optimization that Really Works !

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Custom Data Entry and Collection Form

This is an example of a data collection form which can be added to any website. The results can be sent in an email to site admin and optional confirmation copy to sender; as well the data can be used to populate a table or a data base, depending on the application. This is highly customizable, specific to the application, , and can be tailored to suit the requirements. Note there are data validation options available, which have not been included in this form. Continue reading “Custom Data Entry and Collection Form” »

Calendar and Event Manager

The Calendar is an option which can be added to any page on the website. It is very powerful, highly flexible, and can be customized to virtually any application.

Options include maps to location, recurring events can be entered with a single entry, link to websites, and more features are available.

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Online Sales – Download, Samples, Purchases

This is the best and easiest platform to sample your tunes, get paid downloads, and sell albums, and get all this artwork and groovy ‘point of sale’ software. This comes from CD baby, and they charge $35.00 per album for set up, and they sell the albums directly from site and send you the money less their cut. It’s a good system, it works well, and I have been dealing with CD baby for many years. The made the code available, so we can claim your code from their website and easily embed it into your site..

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Flash Photo Gallery – Postcard Viewer

PostcardViewer skin is a Flash photo gallery for website that draws a lot of attention thanks to its animated display and loosened layout. The gallery is great for showcasing since it resembles a large pin-board with freehand style arrangement of images. The board is static and carries a maximum of 16 random images. Thus, every time a user visits the page a different set of photos is presented. When you click a photo it activates a zoom-in option resulting in one enlarged image. Clicking the photo again reverses the process by performing a zoom-out action. The PostcardViewer does not allow much text and settles with an image title displayed at the bottom-left corner.

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jQuery Rotating Image Gallery

Home Page Slider Gallery, or Use Anywhere

No one can ignore the jQuery rotating image gallery. This amazing slideshow skin captures the attention instantly and therefore, is likely to stimulate interaction and engagement among visitors. The jQuery rotating photo gallery consists of a large rotating image, a user control panel and a tooltip. The control panel and tooltip appear, only when a mouse cursor hovers over the image; thus, the photo slideshow itself remains elegant and intact. If you have stunning photos and high quality images you like to display in a clean and classic manner, this is definitely the right skin for you!

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3D Flash Photo Gallery

This 3D gallery is a highly impressive presentation that may enhance any kind of webpage. The initial display consists of numerous thumbnail images organized in a 600*450 frame with a slide button for browsing the gallery. Each thumbnail image has a title and enlarged image option. Visitors may view images (large or small) in both manual and automatic slideshow modes. The entire gallery can be displayed on-page or on full screen view.

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