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The Nine Steps to Web Success

Following is a brief outline of the development process.


  • Analysis – Determine what the purpose of the site is, who are you trying to reach, how can we reach them best, and when we reach them what message do we want to send them, what actions do we want them to take, etc. if you are a musician looking to build your brand and get people out to your shows, we would take a very different approach than if you are a dentist looking for candidates for cosmetic surgery.


  • Establish measurable criteria – We need to determine with the goals and objectives of the site are in a manner that we can track them and measure the performance criteria. This step will set in place the means to monitor the performance of the site after launch with things we can document and measure, and this will act as an indication of site performance and guide us to any changes and tweaks that need to be put into place. For example, if you may set a goal of a 20% increase in business in the first six months, and adding 50 new customers every month, this would be easily measurable. Continue reading “The Nine Steps to Web Success” »

About Webs In Motion

Webs in Motion is conceived, created, and directed by Brian Gladstone.

We create interactive, modern, eye-catching websites. We help you build strong online presence for your business by creating a professional website which best suits your needs and target audience. Continue reading “About Webs In Motion” »

10 Reasons Why ‘Webs In Motion’ Should Build Your Website

  1. Pre-Build Analysis of Goals and Expectations – We take a ‘results-oriented’ approach to building your website. Before starting on the design, space we ask a lot of questions to gain a solid understanding of exactly what you want the site to do and how its performance will be measured.
  2. Back To Marketing 101 Basics – Regardless of what business you are in, the building blocks of a solid marketing campaign remain consistent. Working together, we want to learn who your customers are? What message do you want to tell them? How can we best to reach them? Then, working together we can devise a strategy to best meet your expectations.
  3. We have a page for everything – Our CMS design work goes far beyond populating pages with text. once we have decided how many pages are needed, then we can look into our large inventory of specialty page builds to add spice and color to your site. For example, we maintain a sizable inventory of professionally designed dedicated pages to meet common requirement such as photo galleries, video players,audio players,flash galleries, user forms, event calendars, private members sections and pages requiring login and password, Google maps, e-commerce and online stores, and much more. Whatever you need, we’ve likely got it.
  4. Continue reading “10 Reasons Why ‘Webs In Motion’ Should Build Your Website” »