Don’t Confuse Facebook with a Dedicated Website

Can a Facebook page replace a website?

Facebook offers Simplicity, without the benefits of a dedicated website.

Advantages of Facebook only approach

indexEasy to Create – It’s generally easier to create a robust Facebook page than to design and develop an entire site. Ease of build and customization means less cost than the average website. Less time and fewer revisions are likely. Less effort will go into maintenance — perhaps.
Simple to Maintain – There’s no site to maintain (though you should keep an eye on comments), no content management s to upgrade, no plug-ins or themes to worry about.
No Hacking – Hacking is less of a concern, assuming you have a solid password. The other side of the coin means that the content is of little value.
Lots of Facebook Users – Due to the large numbers of Facebook users, your page is more likely to find some traffic, and that traffic is more likely to build virally as people click the ‘like’ button.
Good Starting Point – A Facebook page is a good starting point if you need to get up and running while a site is being developed. Social mentions are also a factor
images99999999 in your site’s SEO, so a Facebook page/site might be a good precursor to your eventual home on the web.
Single Event Promotional Support – such as a high profile Gig. If your goal is to promote a one-time event, a Facebook page might be just what you need. You’ll have the calendar functions to encourage RSVPs and the viral properties of the share button. And for follow up, photo galleries and video apps help take things full circle.

Disadvantages of a Facebook only Approach

images44444 Facebook Owns the Site – not you.

No Personalization or Identity – You are just one of a zillion other Facebook users. Your page is the same as all the others. Your high creativity, uniqueness, and personality are lost in the Facebook sea.
No Ecommerce – Cannot sell products on Facebook.

‘Like’ is Merely a Keystroke – Everyone wants to be liked, but a keystroke does little to enhance your brand.
No Search Engine Optimization – A Facebook site will not build up any search engine ranking. The ‘ignorance is bliss’ approach to SEO means that your work and content aren’t helping you accumulate any increased search engine results rankings for your content.

Contacts Not Usable in the Real World – The most valuable marketing tool is a well maintained categorized contact list. Facebook will not help you to build a dedicated mailing list, and you must use your contacts within the limited Facebook frame wo rk.

You can get Kicked Off – Based on a repeat random unidentified complaint for something as simple as allegedly trying to befreind someone you dont, your privliges can be revoked with no recourse.. (They wont respond if you object)
Needs Daily Maintenance – Don’t confuse the functionality of Facebook with the social aspects.
If you use it as a marketing tool, then responding and likes are more of a personal social interaction and not often related to the running a business
It All Fades Away Quickly – Facebook’s timeline hides valuable information in the timeline as it falls into the past. There is no mechanism to highlight endorsements, compliments, testimonials for more than a few days. On a website you can leave these in place for all to see.
It’s Not Real – All those people are not really your friends. It’s not possible to have hundreds or thousands of friends.
Event Invitations are Just Another Tree in the Forest – The average person gets dozens of event invent invitations weekly, and most are ignored.

No Control Over Generating Traffic – A Facebook site will not allow you to influence so many of the factors that generate traffic, thus Facebook is taking you out of a potentially large market of prospective customers, fans, or clients.
You are entirely at the mercy of Facebook – Although Facebook isn’t likely to disappear any time soon, as has occurred numerous times in the past, changes in their format and policies will come without warning, and can adversely affect the functionality of your page. For example you may recall that Facebook planned changed to pages that would prevent smaller pages (less than 10,000 fans) from directing new visitors to a specific tab (which, as seen above, is crucial to conversion rates).
Free for Now – Although Facebook is currently free, and you don’t have to pay to use the service, that can change in the future as reported by many media sources.
Competing or unwanted ads appear on your Facebook pages – You have no control over the content, and that is never a good situation. If your competition is advertising, it’s entirely possible, if not likely, that their ads will appear directly opposite your own content.
Unannounced Format Changes – Facebook can modify their format at any time, without warning. For example, earlier this year, Facebook trimmed with width of page tabs to 520 pixels, which meant anything from minor tweaks to a major overhaul for all page tabs and applications. The most powerful combination is a Website with Facebook Support

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